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關於桃園市生態物流專案辦公室 關於桃園市生態物流專案辦公室 關於桃園市生態物流專案辦公室 關於桃園市生態物流專案辦公室


The EcoLogistics community, implemented by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, has a network of ambitious and visionary cities. With the aim of becoming the international leader in the fields of sustainable freight and ecological logistics, the community is led by innovators and dreamer, and it is supported by experts and enterprisers. The local government of Taoyuan signed contracts with ICLEI, officially becoming the chair for ICLEI's first international EcoLogistics community on 27 October, 2019.

Community of EcoLogistics

ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability (shortly put, ICLEI) is a global network of more than 1,750 cities committed to sustainable development.

Since 2016, ICLEI has implemented the EcoLogistics project, promoting transportation of goods by giving priority to health, safety, people-centered urban development and low-emission. At the same time, EcoLogistics encourages circular and regional economies to limit the growth of freight transport.

EcoLogistics, managed by ICKEI, is the first community in the world committed to sustainability and innovation in the field of urban logistics. Ecologistics is supported with professional resources from industrial, governmental, and academic sectors throughout the world.

Through low-emission, nature-based, equitable, resilient and circular development, ICLEI continually accelerates systematic changes in cities for actively leading more than ¼ of global population to live a more sustainable living.

On the event of ICLEI Resilience Cities in June, 2019, Gino Van Begin, Secretary General of ICLEI, wholeheartedly supported Taoyuan City to participate in EcoLogistics project and he looked forward to seeing Taoyuan City as indicative of sustainable urban freight. Wen-Tsan Cheng, former mayor of Taoyuan City, was invited as the chair of future EcoLogistics campaign.

Concepts of EcoLogistics

Health, Safety, People-centered

Implemented by ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability. Giving priority to health, safety, people-centered urban development.

Low-emission, Circular and Regional Economy

Promoting transportation of goods through the principle of low-emission and encouraging circular and regional economies to limit the growth of freight transport

Lower-emission, More Sustainable

Governmental and non-governmental stakeholders are engaged in developing strategies and policies to promote lower-emission and more sustainable urban freight.

8 Principles of EcoLogisticsEcoLogistics promotes clean, sustainable and safe urban freight, fully dedicate itself to foster stakeholder cooperation as well as to leverage resources such as technology, policies and urban planning. Besides, EcoLogistics encourages local government to accelerate sustainability transition in the logistics system. Read More...
Community Cities

Participating project cities hope to facilitate remarkable developments of sustainable logistics through launching projects and learning from peer cities. The participating project cities have gained benefits from the EcoLogistics community: sharing knowledge and resources, having opportunities for gaining international publicity for their successful demo cases.

EcoLogistics community

15 cities take part in ICLEI’s EcoLogistics community until December in 2022:

Columbia Bogotá, Aburrá Valley, Manizales
Argentina Santa Fe, Rosario, Córdoba
India Kochi, Panaji, Shimla
Taiwan Taoyuan, Taipei
Japan Kaga
US Portland
France Grenoble Alpes Metropole
The 1st Chair City for the EcoLogistics Community

Taoyuan City officially signed the deal with ICLEI on 27 October, 2019, serving as the chair for the first international EcoLogistics community. Taoyuan City is committed to implementing demonstration sites, developing an Ecologistics index, so that international communities can understand the contents of EcoLogistics, the successful cases in Taoyuan and learn from each other.

Demo Sites for EcoLogistics5 demonstration sites are established for practical implementation of governmental and business projects as solutions to the urban freight problems. And the sites can attract international community to come to Taoyuan City for learning from it. Read More...