The EcoLogistics community, implemented by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, has a network of ambitious and visionary cities. With the aim of becoming the international leader in the fields of sustainable freight and ecological logistics, the community is led by innovators and dreamer, and it is supported by experts and enterprisers. The local government of Taoyuan signed contracts with ICLEI, officially becoming the chair for ICLEI's first international EcoLogistics community on 27 October, 2019.

鄭文燦 市長
Chairperson _Mayor,
Wen-Tsan Cheng

Ecologistics Community Chair Office

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) _ Deputy Secretary-General, Chun-Ming Chiu
市府副秘書長 邱俊銘
Deputy CEO _ Director of Environmental Protection Bureau,
Li-De Lu
Deputy CEO _ Chairperson of the Research Examination Council,
Jun-Ting Wu
Office Manager _ Special Committee Member of Environmental Protection Bureau,
Zhen-Sheng Su
環保局專門委員 蘇振昇
  • Group of Project Advisor
    Environmental Protection Bureau

    Demonstration project planning

    Achievement Assembly

  • Group of Traffic and Transportation
    Transportation Bureau

    Route management

    Vehicle control

  • Group of industrial Development
    Economic Development Bureau

    Industry integration

    Green energy strategic planning

  • Group of Executive Assessment
    Research Examination Council

    Division of tasks within bureaus and assessment

  • Group of International Participation

    International meeting participation

    International affair and reception

Professional Consulting Project