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EcoLogistics Principles: A Pathway to Sustainable Urban Freight

Good afternoon, distinguished online guests, ladies and gentlemen. I am Cheng Wen-tsan, the mayor of Taoyuan city.  It's my pleasure and honor to launch the 8 Principles of EcoLogistics on behalf of the ICLEI EcoLogistics Community, the first city network in the world committed to a sustainable urban freight future. 

Logistics is the “hidden” but significant support in the city economy and our modern life. As we know, the larger an economy is, the more complex its operations of logistics become. The COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine have  led to a low-touch economy. During this epidemic period , some businesses such as e-commerce and logistics are reaching accelerated success. This extraordinary time shows that logistics is the key to sustain the urban daily life.  

Taoyuan, the gateway of Taiwan, has the largest base in Taiwan for its flight network and aviation logistics. Taoyuan outranks all other island's cities for industrial output, so here is one of the most complex logistics system to support the daily movement and flow of products.However, a variety of negative impacts of logistics on the city of Taoyuan have been identified. As a logistics hub, Taoyuan must take part in the responsibility to enable EcoLogistics in our city, and to build a more sustainable system for urban freight.  

Together, ICLEI and Taoyuan promote 8 Principles of EcoLogistics: Low-emission urban freight for sustainable cities. The principles aim to showcase a lower carbon, smarter, and more people-centered urban logistics system as we are facing with the ever-growing demand for logistics.  

We have selected and developed 5 EcoLogistics demonstration sites to implement the 8 EcoLogistics Principles into practice, with the cross-cutting and cross-sectoral collaboration in my municipal governance. 

These 5 demonstration sites are also context-embedded approaches to sustainable logistics practices such as “green warehousing”, “eco-friendly fleets”, “circular and reusable packaging” , “smart last mile delivery” and so on.

Taoyuan will continually enable these principles. We cordially invite all cities of the globe to drive global actions for sustainable urban logistics. Thank you and hope you join us.