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EcoLogistics community chair office startup in Taoyuan City leads benchmarking in global logistics

Taoyuan City, in cooperation with ICLEI, now serves as the chair for the first international EcoLogistics community. To coordinate the development of the EcoLogistics initiative and projects across sectors, the Taoyuan City Government has set up the EcoLogistics Community Chair Office to further facilitate this work over the next 2 years. The Opening Ceremony took place on March 26 in Taoyuan City’s Comprehensive Conference Hall.


The Chair Office will bring industries, government, universities, and institutes together to promote the concept of EcoLogisitcs in five demonstration areas in Taoyuan. In 2020 and 2021, ICLEI and Taoyuan City will work together to develop EcoLogistics indicators. By leveraging ICLEI’s extensive network of 1,750 member cities, the Chair Office will promote Taoyuan’s excellent EcoLogistics experiences worldwide, opening a new model of urban diplomacy.