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The World Congress of Cities issued the Malmö Declaration and Li Xianming shared the vision of Taoyuan's sustainable city

The Taoyuan delegation participated in the ICLEI World Congress (ICLEI World Congress 2021-2022) in Malmö Sweden. Deputy Mayor Li Xianming accepted the invitation to the conference and had a one-on-one interview with Alyssa, the head of the communication department of ICLEI. During the discussion, Deputy Mayor Li shared how Taoyuan is moving towards net zero carbon, and through this ICLEI World Congress, he communicated with various cities about Taoyuan's vision and goals for developing a sustainable city in the future.


Vice Mayor Li Xianming accepted the invitation to the conference and had a one-on-one interview with Alyssa, the head of the communication department of ICLEI

On the second day of the ICLEI World Congress, cities shared solutions tailored to local conditions. The mayor of Malmö, Sweden, Jammeh said that since 2000, Malmö has established sustainable building plans in combination with rural and remote areas, and has gone further. Environmental needs are implemented in various systems, focusing on social security, health system, and health insurance to ensure that all residents are covered, and more efforts are made to listen to the voices of different groups to achieve an equal environment for everyone.

Graham, director of the Swedish NGO UrbanIsland, also pointed out that Malmö allows all local groups to achieve balance. The problem is that those who bear the consequences are not the ones who create problems. In the face of global warming, it is necessary to consider How to improve the quality of life of citizens, everyone has the right to affordable housing, safety, and health.

Immediately afterward, the Taoyuan delegation participated in the ecological logistics advanced class workshop as the chairman of the ecological logistics city and exchanged the challenges and solutions faced by the promotion of ecological logistics with various cities. How the city of Kyrgyzstan established an urban freight baseline, the ICLEI sustainable transportation team shared the freight low-carbon action plan formulated by the city of Rosario, Argentina, and the director of Urban Planning and Data Office of the Despacio Research Center in Colombia analyzed the city of Bogota. potential to develop cargo bikes within.

Deputy Mayor Li said that in the era of the epidemic, it is a rare opportunity to gather with leaders from all over the world again to share the valuable experience of Taoyuan as the chairman of ecological logistics, including how to build mutual trust in the process of cooperating with private enterprises and stakeholders. relationship, and how to examine the development of ecological logistics in cities through quantitative indicators.

Vice Mayor Li also mentioned the direction of Taoyuan's continuous efforts in the future, including planning and coaching logistics operators to conduct carbon inventory and continuing to promote pre-job training and on-the-job education for logistics talents. It is also hoped that with the experience of Taoyuan, more cities will pay attention to the promotion of urban sustainable logistics, and then join the ecological logistics community to jointly promote healthy, safe, sustainable, and human-oriented urban logistics, taking into account logistics efficiency and environmental protection, Let the environmental quality grow together with the urban economy.

Deputy Mayor Li led the Taoyuan delegation to gather with leaders from all over the world to share the valuable experience of Taoyuan as the chairman of Ecological Logistics

The Taoyuan delegation was also invited by the Malmö city government to visit the Malmö Sustainable Business Center and shared the Swedish hydrogen energy R&D plan with Tibbelin, manager of the energy transition program of the Swedish RISE Research Institute, and Carlson researcher. Drawing, and Henrikson, Head of the Hydrogen Development Program for the City of Trelleborg, shared the hydrogen development in the City of Trelleborg.

Director Lv said that Taoyuan will also promote the hydrogen energy demonstration plan in the future and develop the local hydrogen energy transportation industry chain. Using emerging energy - hydrogen energy for low-carbon transportation is a big step towards net zero carbon emissions in ecological logistics.

The Taoyuan delegation was invited by the Malmö City Government to visit the Malmö Sustainable Business Center

Today's meeting was kicked off by the mayors of several cities and the heads of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in the "People-centred Local Sustainability at the Heart: The Malmö Declaration" session, talked about how cities are promoting equality and the challenges they face. The challenge was attended by the mayor of Jammeh, Malmö, Sweden, the Mayor of Marín, Manizales, Colombia, the mayor of Jatón, Santa Fe, Argentina, and the Austin City Council, USA. Member of Pool, Mayor of Soyer, Izmir, Turkey, Director of European NGO UrbanIsland Graham, and others.