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Cultivating the Strength of Cold Chain Logistics in Taoyuan - Public-Private Collaboration Upgraded

The Taoyuan EcoLogistics Community Chair Office today (22nd) brought together key players in cold chain logistics in Taoyuan and Taiwan at Logistics Republic Yangmei, where participants jointly discussed the current developments in  the industry, corresponding policies that will help boost the industry, as well as sustainability goals.

Public-Private Collaboration Upgraded

Taoyuan is the key logistics hub of Taiwan, with the largest air cargo base and one of the largest administrative areas in terms of economic output in Taiwan. In addition, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic last year has significantly increased non-contact economic activities, further epitomizing the key role that the logistics industry plays. Since 2020, Taoyuan has been the chair city of the ICLEI EcoLogistics Community and is continuing to promote the development of ecologistics in Taiwan. In order to understand the real challenges of logistics development in Taoyuan City and the opportunities for public-private collaboration in the future, a series of eco-logistics events are planned in order to strengthen the link between the public and private sectors.

Public-Private Collaboration Upgraded 1

According to the Department of Environmental Protection of the Taoyuan City Government, the public and private sectors were specially invited to share and communicate with each other during this event, including ALP Logistics, Kerry TJ Logistics, HCT Logistics and the Preparatory Office of the Agricultural Biotechnology Park of the Council of Agriculture. In total, 17 logistics-related companies, the Global Logistics and Commerce Council of Taiwan and the Taiwan Cold Chain Association shared their innovative business models in managing cold chain logistics parks. The Preparatory Office of the Agricultural Biotechnology Park also shared their plans to develop a cold chain logistics park in Taoyuan in the future. Key issues discussed include "last mile" of cold chain distribution and the cold chain supply chain.

The CEO of Taoyuan EcoLogistics Community Chair Office, Mr. Chun-Ming Chiu, noted that Taoyuan City continues to deepen the partnership between the public and private sectors to encourage the gradual development and transformation of the cold chain logistics system into a green logistics industry, integrating the resources of stakeholders, technology, land and other aspects to create a perfect cargo transportation system, so that the logistics industry can advance in the direction of people-oriented, low-carbon, intelligent and energy-saving goals.