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Taiwan-French City Exchange Launches Taoyuan Visits Sister City Grenoble, France to Work Together to Promote Net-Zero-Carbon Green Urban Governance

The cooperation between Taiwan and French cities has made great strides. Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Li Xianming paid a visit to the sister cities of Taoyuan City on the 9th, and also recently won the 2022 European Green Capital of Grenoble, France, to conduct urban exchanges to promote green cities and sustainable development.

Deputy Mayor Li Xianming of Taoyuan City led a delegation to visit the French sister city Grenoble Metropolitan Area on May 9. The delegation included Deputy Secretary-General Qiu Junming, Director Lv Lide of the Environmental Protection Bureau, Chairman Wu Junting of the Research and Examination Association, and Director Liu Qingfeng of the Transportation Bureau. , will be with the chairman of Ferrari, the vice-chairman of Herenger, the deputy director of Bouvard, the head of international affairs Voisin, the investment department Béroud ) and other heads of state for official visits and exchanges.

Grenoble and Taoyuan have a deep friendship. They have been sister cities since 2018. In recent years, there have been many exchanges on topics such as smart cities and green energy, and even economic recovery in the post-epidemic era. On the occasion, the first physical meeting will be held, and this time, all aspects of sustainable urban governance will be shared.

The population composition of Grenoble is similar to that of Taoyuan, with a young and multicultural population; in terms of terrain, due to the flat terrain of Grenoble urban area, it is more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians when low-carbon traffic is promoted, but at the same time Due to the basin, air pollution is easy to accumulate in the urban area. Therefore, the establishment of a low-emission zone prohibits unmarked heavy goods vehicles and light commercial vehicles from entering the urban area. European Green Capital" and won the "Sustainable Urban Mobility Project Award".

The Taoyuan City Government pointed out that the delegation will not only learn from Grenoble’s relevant actions in the low-emission zone, but also share the relevant governance measures for the promotion of sustainable transportation, such as the establishment of the country’s first airport air quality maintenance zone at Taoyuan International Airport. , through the intelligent license plate recognition system, roadside inspection and other inspection methods, as well as strengthening the inspection and control of large-scale diesel vehicles entering and leaving the airport in the first and second phases, and establishing a low-carbon fleet alliance with enterprise fleets, declaring that the use of environmentally friendly and low-polluting trucks will be given priority to improve transportation. Carbon emission and pollution problems, reduce the impact on the city from the source.

The Environmental Protection Bureau said that through this exchange, Taoyuan and its sister city, Grenoble, exchanged sustainable urban governance strategies, shared Taoyuan's achievements and experience in promoting ecological logistics, and opened up more opportunities for exchanges and interactions in the future.

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Tram running in the city of Grenoble

Tram running in the city of Grenoble 2

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Low-carbon transportation, building a friendly environment for cyclists and pedestrians